REFUND POLICY & CANCELATION POLICY provides multiple payment options to customers for services booked by them. They can make payments upfront through Payment Gateway or pay to service providers directly either at the time of booking services or after completion of service, as may be required by respective service providers.

Wherever payments are made upfront to, the amount is transferred to the Service Provider only upon completion of service.

Cancellation Policy

» Who takes responsibility for fulfillment of services opted for?
While Codepiller takes all efforts to facilitate access to Service Providers, the actual performance of the services is the responsibility of concerned Service Providers.

» What are the terms & conditions for cancellation of contracts?
Please read the terms and conditions set forth by respective Service Providers to understand their cancellation and refund policies. Also note that, at times, Service Providers may cancel / refuse to accept some orders due to non-availability of required professionals or non-fulfillment of certain clauses by customers.

» Does Codepiller cancel contracts? If yes, under what circumstances it is done?
Yes, when certain basic information about the users that is required to be passed on to the Service Providers is not forthcoming, Codepiller may be forced to cancel contracts.

Refund Policy

» What are the terms and conditions for claiming refund?
The terms and conditions set forth by the respective Service Providers shall apply with regard to Refund, whether in part or full, wherever payments are made directly to the Service Provider.

» Is there a time limit for informing Codepiller about non-fulfillment of contracts?
Refund requests for cancelled or non-fulfilled service, should reach Codepiller within 48 hours after the scheduled service time. Otherwise, Codepiller will assume performance of service to have taken place.

» How are refunds effected in the event of non-fulfillment of contracts?
In case of refunds on cancelled Appointments / Services for which payments had been made upfront to Codepiller through Payment Gateway, the user's credit card account or the bank account, as the case may be, will be credited within 7 - 10 days upon due verification. How do customers get refund if they have directly made payments upfront to service providers? In cases where payments are made upfront to the Service Providers directly, customers shall follow the instructions laid out by respective Service Providers, for claiming refunds for non-performance in full or part of the services opted for.

Email regarding refunds need to be addressed at