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Let us take all the headaches, hassle and pain out of speeding up your website.

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I'm sure you're well aware and I don't even need to tell you, if a website is slow to load you'll pretty quickly lose patience and go elsewhere. Your own website is no different.

Your Google rankings, your Adwords and Facebook ads, and all the leads that come through your website are tied to the speed and user experience of your website.

If your site is slow to load it annoys prospects and even your existing customers. Google doesn't like slow websites and have publicly stated that slow websites won't rank as high in the search results. Our experience working with clients on their SEO has confirmed this too.

It's hard to disagree with the fact that a slow loading website has a huge negative impact on the overall performance of your business and your bottom line.

Fortunately, it’s usually a quick fix if you know what you’re looking for.

With our Website Speed Fix Service we'll fix your slow loading website and get it running lightning fast.

Since we started in 2015 we've optimized well over 3000 sites now as of the end of 2019!
What we do

Don't just identify defects. Know how to fix

Server Configuration

Compression, cookies, caching, redirects, crawling, and SSL

Network CDN

HTTP/2, persistent connections, origin settings, edge node caching


Code flow, out-dated libraries, slow loops or poor DOM interaction.

CSS and Web Fonts

Critical path rendering, selectors, style declarations, font format optimizations.


Lossless optimizations, smart lossy optimizations, WebP, Progressive JPEGs, favicons.

Mobile and Tablet

Responsive design, platform specific issues.

HTML5 Video

Streaming and seeking, MP4, WebM, bitrate and profile settings, animated GIFs.

3rd Parties

Bloated ads, single-point-of-failure, blocking JS, API dysfunction.
How it works

Personalize scans and delegate tasks

1) Information Gathering & Diagnosis of the Root Cause

Before we start we need more specific information on the exact problem you're having and need to get some logons from you too.

Once we have access to your site, we take a backup then work through an extensive checklist to uncover the underlying cause of your website's slow time. There's usually one or two specific reasons why your site is running so slow or big optimization opportunities.

Roughly half our customers have a really slow loading site and want it fixed, the other half already have a fast website but want it running as fast as humanly possible!

Usually we'll need an administrator level Website logon and FTP or Cpanel access.

2) Identify Quick Wins & Fix Obvious Problems

Once we've done an initial analysis of your site we can fix anything that's broken or slowing down your speed and implement any big optimization opportunities.

3) Speed Optimizations & Optional Implementation of Cloudflare CDN

Once we've fixed the cause of the slowness we can then focus on making your site as fast as reasonably possible.

In this final stage we'll reconfigure your website settings to improve your image size and compression, optimize your caching and tweak your database for maximum speed. These incremental gains can have a surprising impact on load speed.

For most websites we also recommend using Cloudflare. It's a website acceleration service and content delivery network with 100s of servers worldwide. This means that no matter where in the world your customers access your site, they will always get the fastest possible load times.

This is an optional part of the website Speed Fix, but it's highly recommended as it can reduce the remaining load time by up to another 50% AND for the majority of sites we work on, the free plan is all you need.

Frequently asked questions

What does your website speed optimization service include?

How Long Does The Website Speed Fix Take?

Once we have all the information we need, it usually takes 2-5 business days for us to work through the entire process. Bigger sites may need some back and forth and usually take a little longer.

Sites with a HUGE number of images may also take a few days longer as often it can take 24-48 hours just to optimize the images.

How Much Faster Will My Site Be?

On good quality hosting your site load time will sit in the 1 to 3 second range once our work is complete (most sites we work on start with a load time of over 10 seconds).

In a perfect world we want the site loading in under 1 second in the country it's hosted in. That's the magical number where the site load feels instant. Not all sites can achieve this as third party code like Facebook pixels, Livechat and other marketing tools slow down most sites.

What If Something Breaks During The Process?

We always do a complete back-up of your website before we get to work using backup from servers and major changes with potential downtime risks will be discussed with you before they happen.

There are optimizations we implement that do carry some risk, such as HTTP/2 push support. These are optional and you can choose not to have us implement these.

How do you check site speed?

We use Pingdom, Google page insights and GTMetrix as they are the most recommended website speed testing platforms.

Do i need to move hosting companies?

That depends.

If you're using Bluehost, Godaddy, Hostgator, A Small Orange or any other EIG owned company you'll probably need to move to get your site loading super fast. The only way cheap companies make any money on those $3-5/month hosting plans is to stack 10,000 other websites on the same server and run the server as hard as possible.

We find that we can get sites running on these services down to a passable 3-5 second load time BUT the site will struggle to handle more than a handful of simultaneous users at a time.

When it comes to hosting you get what you pay for - it's unreasonable to expect a high quality service when you pay more for a coffee than you do for an entire month of hosting or 1-2 clicks on your Adwords or Facebook ads.

Typically we'll recommend Cloudways, AWS for customers on a poor quality web host but any of the hosts on our Fastest Website Hosting list will have your site loading fast.

What logons will you need from me?

The logons we need are website administrator level password, FTP or Cpanel access and domain registrar logon for your Cloudflare/CDN migration.

If you’re not comfortable sharing your domain registrar logon (which is completely understandable) we can give you the DNS servers to point your domain at once we’re ready to switch over to Cloudflare.

Is my data secure and do you sign NDA?

Yes, ofcourse we do sign NDA stating your data will be kept only for backup purpose and will be handed over to you once the entire process is completed. We don't store, reuse, distribute our clients data and we honor client-codepiller privilege where we will never disclose your data to anyone.

Customer Results

Don't Take Our Word! See Yourself.

Just under one second for this blog hosted on the entry level Siteground hosting plan. Pretty fast for what would be considered cheap hosting.
A great result here for a real estate broker with a fairly image heavy site.
This site is running Woocommerce which can be very resource hungry but still a great result.
Roughly 700ms for this site. It's using a third party landing page tool, Leadpages which is why it's performance grade isn't an A or B but it still sees sub 1-second loads.
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